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The Vintage Roadshow: Original Catalina Bikini Swimsuit
Original Catalina Bikini Bathing Suit
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The Vintage Roadshow: Vintage clothing with style!

 I've lived and worked around the clothing business all my life, and am known for sourcing quality, stylish vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Specifically, vintage clothing that's in good to excellent condition, and that defined the fashions of its' era and can still be worn with style today. In fact, right now I have a fabulous collection of 1980's designer dresses and gowns, from Bob Mackie, Oleg Cassini, Tadashi, and others. Lots of beautiful beadwork!

So, welcome, whether you're shopping for a unique vintage dress or a great piece of vintage jewelry, or you're a vintage collector, retailer, dealer, or designer. I also work with costumers for movie and theatrical production companies, and textile designers.

 Look around, then place an order through our secure PayPal shopping cart. If you have any questions, please contact me at 1.860.462.9189 or

Dennis DeGemmis, Owner
The Vintage Roadshow

What's your favorite vintage period or style?

Our vintage clothing extends over 100 years:
Victorian, Edwardian
Roaring 20's, Flapper and Art Deco
1940's and New Look
1950's Retro...I love Swing Skirts!
1960's Jackie-O and Summer of Love
1970's Flower Power Hip and Disco Diva
1980's Power-Dressing and Designer Couture

Every period had its' style, but not every style offered a variety of individual pieces. Modest Victorian women had dresses, and skirts and blouses, for every occasion, no pants. Flappers dressed for ankle-bearing fun. Still no pants.

But by the 1940's a woman working in a factory or fashioning the New Look was quite comfortable in trousers, and by the 1960's and 70's, women loved their jeans and hip-huggers and bell bottoms.

So, when looking for a particular vintage piece - a dress or gown, suit, jacket, skirt, blouse, or pants - consider the period. 

Or accessorize! We also carry fabulous vintage jewelry, shoes, hats, belts and other accessories. And swimwear!